Idol winner 'tried to smuggle heroin'

Martin Zavan, ninemsn
9:15am February 23, 2013
Februrary 23, 2013: Martha Heredia, a winner of the TV talent show ‘Latin American Idol’ has allegedly been charged with smuggling heroin into the US. In this video, she is seen performing on the television show that made her famous in her homeland.

A former winner of reality TV talent show Latin American Idol has allegedly been caught trying to smuggle more than a kilo of heroin into the Unites States inside her shoes.

1.3kg of the drug were found hidden inside the heels of three pairs of platform shoes belonging to Dominican Republic singer Martha Heredia as she attempted to board a flight to New York late on Wednesday evening, the Associated Press reports.

Frank Duran, the National Drug Control Agency's director for the city of Santiago, said authorities were trying to determine if the singer was working as a mule for drug traffickers.

The 22-year-old has been charged with drug smuggling and faces up to ten years in prison if found guilty.

Heredia rose to prominence after winning Latin American Idol in 2009, even winning the backing of Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez, who encouraged his people to vote for her.

The following year the singer drew unwanted publicity after she hit and killed a Haitian boy with her car as he tried to cross a highway.

Heredia is arrested in Santiago, Dominican Republic. (AAP)
Heredia is arrested in Santiago, Dominican Republic. (AAP)

After disappearing from the spotlight Heredia returned to the headlines last month when she filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband, hip-hop artist Manuel Varte Marte.

He was ordered to spend three months in jail as police investigated the claims.

Source: Associated Press

Author: Martin Zavan, Approving editor: Nick Pearson

The singer allegedly tried to hied the drugs inside shoes in her luggage. (AAP)
The singer allegedly tried to hied the drugs inside shoes in her luggage. (AAP)
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